Mortgage / Homebuyers Reports

Mortgage and Homebuyers Reports

If you are purchasing a property and there are trees nearby, your insurance company or mortgage lender may request a tree report. Broadway Tree Consultancy can provide a tree survey and report investigating issues or concerns raised within the home buyer’s survey report.

This is often called the Mortgage or Homebuyers Tree Report and identifies the potential risk to properties from vegetation related subsidence or tree failure, and allows for an informed decision on the appropriate level of survey required to satisfy the insurance company or lender.

The report contains the following:

Professional advice and written reports in all areas concerning the management of trees and woodlands including:

  • Identification of trees or vegetation that may potentially cause damage
  • A brief health and risk assessment to identify potential direct and indirect threats of injury or damage from defective trees
  • Comments on the underlying soil type
  • Advice on the likelihood of damage occurring
  • Conditions and recommendations for any works to be carried out
  • Identifies factors which require more in depth investigation

We aim to visit the site and provide a mortgage report (pdf format) within 5 days of the instruction date, and offer this service for a fixed price of £425.00 (VAT n/a) within a 50 mile radius of EX16.

As part of our service, we would be more than happy to meet the prospective purchaser on site to discuss any potential tree maintenance/safety issues that may concern them.